Despair and Acceptance

What is a Chaos Druid if not just another name?

Once you’ve achieved such ‘supreme’ insight as to see that, truly, all roads lead to Rome – that every form of spiritual pursuit seeks the same truth, that every wise person, sage, prophet and self-proclaimed son of God are all saying the same fucking thing; each using metaphors and analogies that make sense to them and their hopeful followers, each recommending techniques that worked for them – what is left?

I’m but a drop of water drowning in the world’s oceans. I’m one grain of sand in a desert storm. My words are snatched away from me, lost in a howling whirlwind. In the (at least) hundred thousand years of our human history I’m absolutely certain that there have been thousands of enlightened beings – those who really ‘get it’. This is because Truth is the oldest ‘secret’ in the Universe – Reality itself, and it’s right here under our noses, waiting patiently to be discovered and forgotten and discovered and forgotten again, over and over. And I know that boddhisatvas (those who supposedly delay their own enlightenment in order to help everyone else to attain it) are deluded and wasting their efforts because the long sought after universal enlightenment of nirvana will never happen – it cannot happen: it is the nature of existence to be eternal so as long as there exists a single quark or gluon or speck of existence then there is no True Nirvana. The Universe will go on and the awakened will grieve for the dormant and wail for themselves. Such is the Nature of Things.

So what is a Chaos Druid but yet another iteration of a Seer of Truth, one who has no choice but to laugh at the absurd burden they have inherited? Laugh, cry, and live out their human lives, exactly as their brothers and sisters, asleep and awake, past and future.

As the Zen saying goes: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

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