There’s nothing quite like getting kicked in the nuts (or punched in the tits) to set you back, reeling, into a very unspiritual view of life. I lost my job three weeks ago and the cold harsh reality of financial insecurity has shaken me out of my whimsical mystical reverie.

Some might plunge all the more into their spiritual pursuits as a means of escape and I’ve definitely been tempted but ‘being spiritual’ doesn’t put food in the fridge, I’ve found…

Losing my job has given me the opportunity to ask the big questions again: Where am I going? Was my previous occupation the right one for me? Clearly it wasn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have given them a reason to let me go. But if it wasn’t, then what is? Etc.

As I have often found, it doesn’t help to press the matter; it’s as useless and unhelpful as honking when you’re stuck montionless in a traffic jam: honking doesn’t make cars move faster and it spreads your frustration like a contagion. So I’m letting this spirituality quest sit for a while. I have to focus on the real right now, focus on making sure my wife and my two adorable dogs don’t end up living on the street. I could, and for a very short time I did many years ago; but I wouldn’t inflict it upon anyone, least of all my wife. So chaos druidry is taking a back seat for the near future. But I’m not going to quit! There’s definitely something to this and so much more to explore. If you want to hear my perspective on a topic, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll make the time to write something up here.

In the meantime, I thank you and wish you health and happiness!

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