About the Blog

“Chaos Druidry” is the name I’ve given my own personal form of spiritual practice.  The reasons are fairly evident but also personal in the ‘to each their own’ sense – I like the concept of a druid – the symbol or image that it brings up – the ‘wise person’ of the tribe, the ‘nature priest’, above all, someone intimately, viscerally connected to Nature in all its furious glory. The ‘chaos’ aspect of it is ‘my little spin’ on druidry – a natural consequence of a kind of intellectual insight I experienced a few years ago that made my understanding of the nature of Reality – our shared consensual reality – explode and every piece of knowledge I had accumulated in my life finally fit together in the most marvelous, description-defying world-view that echoed with a resounding THIS IS IT.

This blog then is the record of my beliefs, thoughts, experiences, and overall ‘life path’.  If any of this speaks to you – if you find the echo of Truth in any topic – then please don’t hold back! Let me know! Tell me about you and your experiences.  Disagree with me.  Call me crazy – whatever!  Comments and discussions are the life-blood of blogs.

I hope you find something enriching here.