What is Chaos Druidry?

Chances are you already have a pretty good idea what it might be: You’re vaguely aware of what a druid is – perhaps even of the distinction between the ‘ancient and mythical’ druids of yore and the modern ‘new religious movement’ of the same name.  You might have encountered some of the notions and precepts behind the practice of chaos magic (if so, I congratulate you, intrepid explorer – you’ve seen some pretty hidden corners of the inter-webs).

So how do the two combine? It may seem a little contradictory to be a druid and a chaote (or chaoist) – some of the imagery associated to chaos is pretty dark, ‘chaotic’, veering toward Satanism even – so how can one possibly be a nature-loving priest yet also a practitioner of chaos work?

First , there are some misunderstandings that need to be cleared-up: chaos work is neither good nor evil. You may have also noticed that I’m not referring to chaos magic – that’s because I don’t believe in magic and I don’t think what chaos ‘magicians’ do is magic either.  To the chaos practitioner, belief is a tool and just as the carpenter alternates between tools, so the chaos worker alternates between beliefs, and thus does not hold on to any of them.

Second, there is no valid reason a druid cannot use every imaginable resource at their disposal to fight for, and be the voice of, Nature. Druids were the wise people of their tribe, so it behoves a modern druid to explore and experiment with every possible truth of this reality. Chaos work is at the same time fiercely ‘scientific’ in its strict experimental and results-oriented attitude and also open to as yet unmeasured phenomena of this reality which might be exploitable toward a desired outcome.

So chaos work is a method or angle of approach while druidry is the vocation or direction.

4 thoughts on “What is Chaos Druidry?

  1. I think this is a very interesting idea. Like you, I walk a druid’s path and don’t believe in spellcasting type magic. Anything that works in harmony with nature is good in my books, although “good” and “evil” are difficult concepts to define to begin with I think. šŸ™‚ One reason I love druidry so much is that it is a path of freedom and the philosophy can easily be combined with other belief systems or practices, so why not chaos magic? I think that is precisely because druidry is such a pure path of nature. I myself work with both druidry and shamanism and find that they combine beautifully! I think you are on to something here, keep exploring!

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    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for confirming my suspicions and do please let me know what you’ve discovered for yourself. The ideas here are pretty scatter-brained because I’m still sorting through the epiphany and making sense of things, but if you dance with chaos and learn some new moves, lemme know šŸ˜‰

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  2. I have been a practicing chaos magician for over a decade. I grew up on a nature preserve in New England and have always had a deep fascination for ecology. I do, however, believe in the efficacy of spell-casting. By that admission Iā€™m more on the religiosity scale. Still, as synchronicity would have it, I began pondering how and what could be a marriage of chaos + druid. I even created a discord server for myself in an attempt at creating a dialectic. This weekend, I returned to the nature preserve and communed with the forest, hoping to get some inspiration. Then I poked around on the net and found your site. I suppose there are more of us than I thought. Your approach is fairly parallel to mine. Did we dream each other up?

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