If Everyone Knows…

… Is It Still A Conspiracy?

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“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

If you’ve been around the less-frequented corners of the Internet and seen some of the occult pages out there, you’re bound to have seen cries of “Conspiracy!” Especially cries of conspiracy that there’s a secret war going on for your mind. Heck, you don’t even have to go that far at all to find this kind of message. The pop culture classic (yes it is a classic now) movie The Matrix is all about those who attempt to wake people up to “the world of the real” by trying to “free your mind”.

The troubling thing is that once you’ve become enlightened to the deeper workings of Reality, and of your own mind, you can’t help but see it’s absolutely true. There is an ongoing battle.  But it’s not the old ‘secret societies looking to rule the world’, nor evil sects or hidden symbols scattered throughout your world, nor even the old Good versus Evil. No. At root it’s simply a constant competition for your attention and for your belief. Most of it happens through advertising, political propaganda and the innocent side effect of algorithmically optimized search results called the ‘search bubble’, but it also happens through even the normal person’s vlog or blog post – yes, even here, even now.

One of the unifying beliefs of chaos magicians, chaotes, psychonauts or whatever name they happen to choose to go by is that belief is a tool. Now, commonly it is understood as a self-enhancement tool – i.e. that if you believe ‘enough’ then it’ll help manifest your desired change in the world.  But there’s another side: let’s not fool ourselves here – if you want things to happen in the world, you also need to convince others to help you – and that happens through their belief in your ’cause’ or plight. So the successful use of their belief is also a manner of using belief as a tool. That is the hidden side of the coin – using belief goes both ways – on you and on other than you.  And once you see the efficacy of using belief as a tool, you become aware of where it’s happening all around you.

What is surprising is that, once you’ve framed this without using words like “conspiracy” or “war”, when you tell someone about this, they’ll reply “Yeah? So what?” or something along those lines.

So what gives? How can so many people be aware of it and yet not be phased in the least?


There is a public speaker on the internet called Mark Passio (whose 6 hour lecture video on the sybolism of the occult I actually sat through). I don’t buy in to a lot of his conspiratorial theories but he raised some very valid points in that lecture (there is some truth to his special kind of madness) which I will paraphrase here: the only real currency we have that is truly only ours to give is our time and attention. Passio sends the message home by pointing out that, in common parlance, we speak of spending time and paying attention, and I will raise that with the old truism “time is money” but in the literal sense.

So as a man who now sees that ALL beliefs are ‘true’ insofar as they get things to happen in this shared consensual reality of ours, let me warn you to be careful of your beliefs, make sure they are indeed your own – spot where they are being forced or bent by something external to you – and be sure to question them regularly, like standard upkeep, because they ultimately direct where and how you spend your real money – your time and attention.

Check yourself regularly and compare your behaviours, where you are spending your time and aiming your attention, and ask yourself “Is this vitally important to me? My time I can never get back, do I want to spend it on this?” Chances are you will notice you’re spending large amounts of your time wasting it in front of the TV, playing video games, watching dumb youtube videos, and generally not learning anything you don’t already know. How many times do you really need to see a story about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? You already know that’s the case in this world. Couldn’t you be spending your time doing something about it instead of commiserating with fictional characters to appease your wounded ego? How many times do you need to play games where the good inevitably triumphs over evil when you know the real world doesn’t give a shit about good or evil (c’mon, how many paedophiles actually get run-over by busses or have haemorrhoids or acne in inconvenient places just because they’re evil?) So is your time being well spent playing a fictional hero vanquishing fictional villains, or is it again you consoling yourself by pretending that good magically wins against evil every time? Check yourself. Check yourself every minute of every day.

I hope this was time well spent for the both of us! Thank you for your time and attention.

3 thoughts on “If Everyone Knows…

  1. This is a very interesting idea – I like the points you make about spending time and paying attention! And I agree that there is a “battle” going on about who we give our attention to; this is perhaps nowhere more evident and obvious than here on the internet. I personally believe (hah!) that hearing other people’s beliefs is important as well – and it’s not like you are saying otherwise. Sometimes, information I learn from others or listening to their arguments do shape my own, with my full permission and awareness. 🙂

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    • Hi Ravensare,
      I’ve incorporated your edit into the original comment as I feel it flows better this way and indeed improves understanding overall. Thanks for the positive feedback! I agree that knowing other people’s beliefs is indeed of significant importance thank you for adding that. We learn mostly how to position ourselves relative to those people (friend or foe, trustworthy or not, etc.). That makes me think of a post I wrote on my other blog about the difference between being discerning and being judgemental… but I dont have the link to it in memory… it’s at my main site http://www.taomath.org

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